Sunday, 25 November 2012

Rico as a Yearling.

Rico is growing into a very charming, happy 'person'. He is always laid back, delighted to see people and always looks as though he has a smile on his face. He's stabled in the barn next door to Bella at night and is never a moment's trouble, despite still being entire, and he's turned out with three elderly geldings who he loves to bits, especially his best mate and boss horse, Tom. They all keep Rico in his place but are very tolerant of him and genuinely seem to enjoy his company. He looks as though he's being a real pest sometimes and they do tell him off but he's never had so much as a scratch on him. I couldn't have asked for better companions and mentors for him and I'm very grateful to all three of them.

Rico loves posing for the camera and last week when I was taking some photos he picked up a stick. He played with it for a while and then brought it over to me at the fence! He's a real clown, very lovable and he's starting to look quite classy at times. He isn't the world's most spectacular mover but clicker training has done so much for Bella's trot I'm sure I can work on that when he's a bit older.

He is such a lovely character and, if he stays as well behaved as he is now I'll be very tempted to keep him entire, as long as he can stay with his friends and have a 'normal' social lifestyle. If he gets too much for them then I will have him gelded. I am very, very fond of him and it's lovely to have so much to look forward to for the future. I never really though I'd ever get my Andalusian, let alone such an adorable, easy one! I am very lucky.